SAN FRANCISCO (KRON/WFLA) — How early is too early to decorate for Christmas?

A Tampa Bay homeowner is facing HOA fines for putting their Christmas decorations up too early. So of course, we needed to know what the queen of Christmas would have to say about it.

The Moffa family told WFLA’s Melissa Marino they hired a company to put up Christmas lights outside their home on Nov. 6.

“That was their only availability, and I can’t climb up on the roof myself,” Michael Moffa said.

The next day, Moffa said he got a letter from his HOA that said the lights were in violation of HOA rules, which say decorations can’t be put up until Thanksgiving Day.  If they don’t take them down, the family could be fined 100 dollars a day, up to $1,000, according to the letter.

Moffa has no plan to take down the lights.

KRON, WFLA’s sister station in San Francisco, wondered what the queen of Christmas would have to say about it.

Mariah Carey revealed to KRON4 her personal decorating timeline… and it may shock you:

Carey first declared November 1 the start of the Christmas season – making the midnight announcement in a video of her smashing pumpkins with her version of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ in the background.

The Guinness World Records account even tweeted that it was the “new record for the earliest celebration of Christmas.”

Even so, Carey surprisingly prioritizes the turkey over the tree. She said her personal preference to put up Christmas decorations is after Thanksgiving.

But you do you: Carey is all about the freedom to decide your own festive timeline, saying, “there’s no regulating festiveness!!!”