MANATEE COUNTY (WFLA) – Lesley Levy has been overcome with emotion over the last few days. She lost her two beloved Pomeranians following a vicious attack over the weekend.

Honey Bear and Roxy were 6-year-old siblings. They weighed about five pounds each.

Levy’s dogs meant everything to her.

“I took them everywhere with me. I wouldn’t go without them because they were my life,” said Levy.

They were on a late morning adventure on the beach walking along the Palma Sola Causeway when the unthinkable happened. A dog Levy best describes as a black Great Dane off of its leash attacked her and her two tiny dogs from behind.

“My hands were so bitten up. I couldn’t even hold them because I was in so much pain,” said Levy.

Courtesy: Lesley Levy

The large dog’s owners were nearby when the attack happened, according to Levy and other witnesses.

“I was screaming, but they did absolutely nothing. They didn’t even help,” recalled the devastated dog owner. “I said ‘help me, help me, get your dog off’, she did nothing and by the time she did, it was too late,” she continued.

Both dogs died from their injuries.

“This thing was huge. We didn’t stand a chance,” said Levy.

A Good Samaritan stepped in to help. John Ryan and his wife were watching the waves nearby when they heard a commotion.

“It was a vicious attack. The larger dog went after these small animals on purpose. It picked them up and threw them around,” said Ryan.

Because Levy was in emotional and physical distress, Ryan took her to a nearby veterinarian to get help.

“I tried to help her just like I would anybody in my family. I hope she has enough support with her friends here to put the dogs to rest and move on. We can tell how much they mean to her; that is all she cared about. She was cut and bleeding herself, but she refused EMS. She didn’t want her self taken care of it all. All she cared about were the dogs,” said Ryan.

Courtesy: Lesley Levy

Ryan and his wife called police for help, but the dog’s owners didn’t stick around. “They said they wanted to help initially and we were a little bit disappointed that they did not remain for the police,” said Ryan.

Ryan and Levy describe the vehicle that got away as a early 2000s red or maroon Chevy HHR. Levy hopes the owners come forward. She’s worried their dog will hurt someone else.

“I am worried that dog is going to attack other dogs and little children, they can’t defend themselves,” said Levy.

Officers with the Bradenton Police Department are investigating the incident.

Levy’s close friend is helping raise money to cover medical expenses and cremation costs.