A pet owner in the Lakewood Ranch area caught his rescue dog making an unlikely new friend this week in the most adorable way.

Ethan Cole was in his mother’s backyard on Monday when he noticed his dog Ike running back and forth along the fence. He then noticed a deer on the other side of the fence, running right alongside Ike.

“It was a fun moment. I was watching for a while before I thought to pull out my phone,” Cole told WFLA. “It was amazing to realize that they were playing.”

Cole took a video that shows the two animals running alongside each other on either side of the fence for almost two minutes. Each time they reach the end of the fence, both Ike and the deer can be seen turning around to start their game of chase back up again.

Ike is a rescue dog from the Parrish area, Cole says. He and his mom, Faith Peterson, adopted the German Shepherd about a year and a half ago. Ike is now 2 years old.

“(He was) very fearful when we got him. He still has some stranger danger issues,” Cole said. “But he’s a big clown. Not a mean bone in his body. He’s just a goofy boy all around.”

In the video, a small pug puppy can also be seen observing Ike and the deer playing. Cole says that dog is Hobbs, his mom’s new puppy, who Ike gets along with well.