ANNA MARIA ISLAND, Fla. (WFLA) — A group fishing off the coast of Anna Maria Island on Thursday were treated to quite a sight when several whale sharks approached their boat.

Noah Gunn, who captured the video Thursday afternoon and sent it to WFLA, said his group spotted three whale sharks while they were fishing off Anna Maria Island north. Gunn said the group swam right up to the boat to check the group out.

“One absolutely drafted our 28-foot boat,” Gunn said.

That shark, according to Gunn, appeared to be more than 35 to 40 feet long.

“It was wider than the boat when it swam under us,” he added.

Gunn said it was his first time ever seeing whale sharks up close and personal.

“How insignificant something like these animals can make you feel,” he said. “I felt tiny!”