BRADENTON, Fla. (WFLA) — A Bradenton family laid their loved one to rest this week hours after thieves broke into his home.

Longtime Bradenton attorney Edwin Mulock passed away in May. His son, Lance Plowman said two men went inside his dad’s home Monday morning, the same day as the funeral.

The break-in was caught on home surveillance video.

“House was destroyed,” Mulock said.

Plowman said the men came in through the back patio, broke the door off the tracks, and grabbed whatever they could get their hands on, including the surveillance cameras.

“Anything in the closets, drawers, it was just a mess in here,” Plowman said.

Hours later, he had to lay his dad to rest.

“It was hard, you know, for me because I’m sitting there doing cemetery stuff and I’m mad, that’s the worst part,” Plowman said. “I was mad at my dad’s funeral, not sad like I should have been.”

It was devastating for the family, who called Bradenton Police. Plowman hopes the people responsible come forward.

“You guys are young, I can tell you’re young by the video,” Plowman said. “You got a lot of life to live. If you don’t get caught, that’s your chance, man.”

Bradenton Police say the incident is being investigated as burglary forced entry. The case has been assigned to a detective who has reviewed the video.

According to his obituary, Mulock was the voice of Friday night Manatee High football radio, drummer in his school band, a triple transplant survivor, and longtime Bradenton attorney.