MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — The situation at the old Piney Point phosphate plant has forced the Manatee County School District to temporarily halt several busing routes to a number of its schools.

State and local officials have declared a state of emergency and ordered hundreds of homes to be evacuated over concerns of the possible collapse of stacks of phosphogypsum waste at the plant.

Starting Monday, some school busing routes from the evacuation zone will be suspended until the evacuation order is lifted.

The following schools and bus stops are affected:

Palmetto High
Bus 1035
• 2405 113th Street E.
• 11209 Bud Rhoden Road
• 105th Street E. & 31st Street E.
• Bud Rhoden Road & 100th Court E.
• 34th Drive E. & Moccasin Wallow Road
• Moccasin Wallow Road & 27th Ave E.

Bus 1061
• Artisan Lakes Parkway & Mabry Drive (potentially)

Palmetto Elementary
Bus 1068
• 10301 Bud Rhoden Road

Palm View K-8
Bus 1061
• Reeder Road & Piney Point Road

Harvey Elementary
Bus 1048
• 100 Court E & Bud Rhoden Road

Tillman Elementary
Bus 651
• Moccasin Wallow Road & 34th Drive E.
• Moccasin Wallow Road & 27th Avenue E.
• 2405 113th Street E.
• 10351 Bud Rhoden

Buffalo Creek Middle
Bus 1036
• Moccasin Wallow Road & 28th Avenue E.

Lincoln Memorial Academy
Bus 574
• Moccasin Wallow Road & 27th Avenue E.

Parents and students with questions can call the SDMC Transportation department at 941-782-1287.