BRADENTON, Fla. (WFLA) — A Bradenton family weren’t the only ones spooked during an encounter with a tiny trespasser during Hurricane Idalia.

On Thursday, Bradenton police were called to remove a slithery ‘suspect’ from a family’s home after the reptile made its way in seeking shelter from the storm.

“Responding officers wanted nothing to do with said snake so they sent for backup – Acting Sergeant Kristie Affolter — who isn’t even slightly skittish when it comes to scaley things and certainly not prone to hiss-terics,” the Bradenton Police Department said.

During the brief search, one officer got a bit skittish, yelling “Oh my God!” as another officer shouted an expletive.

The small snake was found under a dresser and coaxed into cookware.

“We got him,” a third officer said.

(Bradenton Police Department)

“Is it poisonous?” the homeowner asked.

“This one, through the shape of his head — I’m going to go with non-venomous,” Sgt. Affolter said. “He’s got a round-shaped head instead of an arrow-shaped head.”

“With that coloration, it kind of made me concerned because that coloration is consistent with a water moccasin which is one of the most venomous snakes in Florida,” Affolter added. “He’s harmless. He’s not happy, but he’s harmless. He’ll still bite you but he just won’t kill you.”

The creature turned out to be a banded water snake.

“Nice work, Sssergeant!” the department added.