MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Strong winds may have prompted a brief tornado Friday as storms swept through two mobile home communities leaving carnage in their wake, a new video released by Manatee County officials showed.

The video, taken fom inside a Manatee County EMS ambulance, showed debris rain from one of the trailer parks south of Bradenton.

“Oh my God, is that a tornado?” one person can be heard asking in the video. “It is a tornado, look!”

According to the National Weather Service, a preliminary assessment found that a downburst near the trailer park caused severe damage to homes in the area. Experts added there may have been enough wind shear along the leading edge of the downburst to induce a brief tornado.

The downburst ripped the roofs off several homes, and damaged dozens more.

“Thankfully, no one reported injuries,” Manataee officicals said.

In total, 31 homes were damaged during the storm.