MYAKKA CITY, Fla. (WFLA) — At the Myakka Community Center, volunteers handed out food, water and other basic needs to people impacted by Hurricane Ian.

“We have blessed many families throughout the community this week, thanks to the generosity of all of the district schools,” said Carol Ricks, the principal at Myakka City Elementary.

She says people in the surrounding community have donated the supplies.

“Every elementary school and middle school and I’m finding out high school took it upon themselves to coordinate a drive. They’ve been the drop-off site and then they’ve been figuring out how to get trucks rented and how to get their things here,” said Ricks.

The effort has grown so much, they are now loading up trucks to take the donated supplies to other areas impacted by Ian.

“We’re kind of hoping to help others and really pay it forward as the shock kind of clears and people are starting to figure out next steps,” said Kelly Strausbaugh who helped organize the effort.

“Our community was just so devastated by this hurricane and we knew of people that were going out and chopping trees and rescuing people in airboats and a lot of us, we were trying to figure out how we can help. Our community has jumped in to help. The people impacted are out here volunteering, which is just how Myakka is,” Strausbaugh said.