MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — An employee at the Manatee County Jail was arrested Friday after deputies said she brought “contraband” into the facility.

Manatee County deputies said food services employee Gretchen Rupprecht, 64, who has worked in the county jail since June of 2020, was charged with two counts of introduction of contraband.

Deputies said Rupprecht, who was known by some as “granny,” would bring the contraband inside by hiding it on her person. Deputies added she would then walk into one of the kitchen coolers, hide the contraband in the cooler, and an inmate would later retrieve it and take it back to their cell.

During a Friday press conference, deputies said the contraband consisted of cigarettes, vape pens with THC, and liquid meth. Rupprecht was promised $25 for every delivery she made. Authorities said they believe she was paid $100 for four different meets.

Deputies said Rupprecht was honest when confronted, telling them she felt that the inmate was a friend.

“For some reason, she fell for him, she wanted to help him. She thought that she was doing some good for him,” deputies said. “Granny is now sitting in the jail eating the same food that she used to once prepare.”