MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Some Manatee County commissioners want tighter restrictions on abortions in order to create a safe place for unborn children.

Their plan is to send the “Safe Haven” letter to Attorney General Ashley Moody, asking what they can do legally in regards to adopting abortion laws.

This discussion sparked a protest on the Manatee County Government Building steps Tuesday morning.

“I think that Texas has brought a lot of the issues to light but this has been an issue that has been brewing for a while,” said Kate Danehy-Samitz, a protester with Women’s Voices of SW Florida.

They believe a woman’s body and what she does with it is her choice. It’s a message they wanted to send not only to Manatee County leaders but leaders everywhere.

“We want US counties and commissioners to declare yourselves as sanctuary cities for reproductive rights and we want you to do it immediately and if you don’t we’ll come knocking on your door,” Protester Sarah Parker said.

People for and against this proposed letter shared their comments during this board meeting. It even sparked debates between the members themselves.

Commissioner James Satcher drafted the letter and said it’s designed with the woman in mind to protect her and the unborn child.

“It comes down to doing the right thing. We make our laws on purpose to help us do the right thing and encourage people to do the right thing,” Satcher said.

Satcher said everyone is entitled to their own informed opinion.