LAND O’ LAKES, Fla. (WFLA) — 12-year-old Develin Robinson lost his life four days after suffering from a severe asthma attack.

On Saturday, friends and family said he will be remembered for his sweet smile and gentle nature. Those who loved Develin – often referred to by his nickname, “Two Times” – say it’s difficult to describe the heartbreak his loss leaves behind.

“Two Times, he was a great friend, a great player,” Kaedyn Ragcliff said.

“He was always smiling, super competitive,” Develin’s assistant coach Brian Soldano said. “He loved basketball.”

“That’s why we’re doing drills that he loved right now,” he continued. “That’s why we’re picking drills he wanted to do; they’re his favorite drills.”

His teammates honored him Saturday morning the only way they knew how, on the court.

“It shows how much we cared about him and he cared about us,” said Develin’s teammate Sammie Manning.

Each player wearing five custom bracelets, two on one hand and three on the other. They did so to honor Develin’s number, 23.

“We want to play for “Two Times,” Ragcliff said. “We go out and play for him every time.”

“We know he would want us to play right now and do this for him,” he continued. “He wouldn’t want us to stop so we just play for him.”

If you would like to donate to help the Robinson family, you can find their GoFundMe link here.