TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) —-With a new year here, many of us are all about setting resolutions and the most popular resolution is typically to be more healthy.  But, when the hustle and bustle of life gets in the way we can fall off the wagon.

Hydration, getting enough sleep and nutrition are all important factors that can affect our health.  But, drinking enough water can be tough, and 8 hours of sleep a night? … that’s the dream! says Nina Nyiri who co-owns 4U Fitness,

Nyiri suggests using lavender scents and Epsom salts before bedtime to calm down and relieve stress.

One of the most common things that keeps many people awake are smartphones and laptops. The light from your smartphone can actually prevent you from getting a good snooze.

“Those blues lights from the screens can suppress melatonin,” says Nyiri.

So, try just dimming your screen when you’re using it before bedtime or you can even try amber-tinted glasses. They are an easy, inexpensive purchase you can make on Amazon.

When it comes to hydrating, your phone can actually be helpful by using free apps.

“For example, ‘Waterlogged’ will send you customized notifications every 30 minutes, every 45 minutes, even hour on the hour,” says Nyiri.

Doctors often suggest we drink 8 ounces of water 6-to-8 times a day, but when life gets in the way, or you need that caffeine to get you through the day, drinking water can fall to the wayside. Nyiri suggests making it part of your morning routine…

“I think it’s safe to say we all brush our teeth. So, have a glass of water either before or after you brush your teeth,” she says.

You can also chug a glass of water while you wait for your coffee to brew. She also suggests taking a bottle of water with you in the car on the way to work..

“You will be able to finish that entire bottle of water, especially if you are sitting in Tampa traffic!”

Nyiri also suggests making drinking water fun. Get a water bottle that you like, whether it’s because of the design or the shape, and write down how many times you have to refill it during the day. These are all simple ways to make keep you healthy.MORE TOP STORIES: