TAMPA (WFLA) – The Department of Justice unsealed an indictment on Thursday that charges five individuals from Tampa Bay with attacking police officers who were defending the U.S. Capitol from the mob of former President Trump supporters on January 6.

The defendants are accused of charging at police lines, stealing riot shields and throwing objects at police officers.

Eight On Your Side was at the federal court in Tampa on June 30 when three of the defendants named in the 19 count indictment made their first appearance before a federal judge.

One of the defendants who remains at large, according to the Department of Justice, is wanted for several charges including two counts of assaulting, resisting, or impeding certain officers using a dangerous weapon.

According to the FBI criminal complaint, 21-year-old Jonathan Pollock of Lakeland was part of the group of five that moved from the Washington Monument to the Capitol grounds in the afternoon of Jan. 6.

Pollock’s 30-year-old sister Olivia Pollock and their cousin 22-year-old Joshua Doolin had no comment for 8 On Your Side leaving federal court in Tampa on June 30.

Hired as a Polk County Fire Rescue EMT on May 3, Doolin was terminated following his arrest.

25-year-old Joseph Hutchinson of Lakeland and 37-year-old Michael Perkins are also named in the major indictment.

A lot of the evidence included in the FBI criminal complaint are images from officers’ body-worn cameras.

Prosecutors say Jonathan Pollock charged at police with a flagpole, dragged two officers down a set of stairs, and thrust a stolen police shield into an officer’s throat.

His sister is accused of elbowing an officer and trying to strop batons of officers’ hands.

37-year-old Perkins is still in jail because prosecutors say he is too dangerous to be released. A judge will decide next week whether he will remain detained.

According to the complaint, Perkins rammed a flagpole into the chest of an officer before raising the flagpole over his head and appearing to strike an officer in the back of his head.  

The court document says Hutchinson works in the Pollock family’s gun shop in Lakeland. He was arrested last week in Albany, Georgia, but is out of custody now on home detention.

Prosecutors say Hutchinson kicked officers trying to keep rioters out of the Capitol.

Doolin is the only one in the group not accused of violence against officers, but investigators say he was spotted near the Capitol with zip-tie handcuffs tucked in his belt and a canister of chemical irritants that police use in riot situations.

In Washington, D.C. on Thursday, Doolin, Hutchinson, and Olivia Pollock pleaded not guilty.

Florida continues to lead the nation with nearly 60 Capitol Riot and insurrection cases.

Six months after the attack to interrupt the certification of the 2020 electoral college results, U.S. Capitol Police announced the planned opening of a field office in Tampa to investigate threats against members of Congress.