POLK COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A 39-year-old Lakeland man was charged with reckless driving after troopers said he swerved through traffic on I-4, ran other vehicles off the road, and pointed a loaded gun at another driver Thursday morning.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, 39-year-old George Lewis, of Lakeland, was driving in a green SUV along I-4 when a black Kia minivan “ran up onto the back of his vehicle and was tailgating” him.

In response, troopers said Lewis brake-checked the other vehicle before pointing a loaded handgun at the driver.

“The black minivan driver swerved and continued to engage the green SUV,” an arrest report said. “The two vehicles were speeding, swerving, tailgating other vehicles, and making multiple lane changes. The two even got side by side and were swerving towards each other.”

Eventually, the minivan sped ahead of Lewis and brake-checked him.

“The green SUV made no attempt to stop and, on purpose, rammed the back of the black minivan,” the report added.

After the vehicles came to a stop, troopers said the driver of the black minivan approached Lewis, but retreated back to his vehicle yelling “he has a gun.”

When authorities arrived, the driver of the black minivan was cited for reckless driving, as the driver did not “attempt to remove himself from the situation and continued to engage with the green SUV driver even after he had a gun pointed at him.”

Troopers said Lewis later admitted to brake-checking the other vehicle and pointing a gun at the driver on several occasions. Lewis was arrested for reckless driving and other weapon-related charges.

Troopers said Lewis “felt remorseful and stated he should have taken a different course of action.”