TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Dinosaurs will come to life at Amalie Arena as the Jurassic World Live Tour returns to Tampa this weekend.

The family-friendly experience will take audiences through a story that takes place in Isla Nublar.

Fans can also expect characters to perform stunts and interact with the giant dinosaurs.

“We created them from the CGI models from the film, so it’s not just any T-Rex that you see on the arena floor, it truly is the T-Rex that was in the original Jurassic Park films,” Jurassic World Live Tour Performer Madison Embrey said.

Embrey plays “Dr. Kate” in the show and said she has been part of it since 2019.

“I really just see children watch and they see a strong role model, they see a team of heroes banding together to care for something that’s really important to them,” Embrey said.

Jurassic World Live Tour tickets are on sale for Saturday and Sunday. You can find ticket information on their website.