Hundreds came out on Sunday to help support a Plant City Fire Rescue firefighter recently diagnosed with stage four brain cancer. 

In March, 37-year-old Jimmy Riley went home from the fire station with a headache.

“And long story short, he had brain surgery,” said Captain Chris Rodriguez, with Plant City Fire Rescue.

Riley was diagnosed with Gioblastoma multiforme (GBM), a kind of fast-growing brain tumor.

Riley is married with a 7-year-old daughter at home. His family at the fire station knew they had to help.

“We are handling disastrous situations all the time at work. Typically we are trained to make these situations better and with this situation, we can’t make it better but we can do what we can do it help out as much as we can with the cost,” said Rodriguez.

Sunday afternoon the department held a carwash fundraiser at Walden Lake Car Wash and Service Center. The car wash is usually closed on Sundays. This is only the fourth time in its seven year history it has opened up.

Every penny that comes to the car wash Sunday will be donated to “Jimmy’s Fight,” a foundation fellow firefighters set up to help pay for Jimmy’s medical costs.

The fundraiser also included a barbeque and merchandise for sale with the logo “Jimmy’s Fight.”

Fire departments from all around Plant City came out to volunteer to wash cars and help raise money.

You can donate to Jimmy’s Fight by clicking here.

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