Amazon’s kid-friendly Echo Dot Kids Edition is now available. Designed for kids ages five to 12, the device responds to questions in a kid-appropriate way, plays music and comes with a subscription allowing access to kid-friendly books and radio stations.

But there are privacy concerns that come with kids interacting with the artificial intelligence of “Alexa.” 

The Echo Dot Kids Edition allows Amazon to store your child’s questions and voice, but Amazon says that parents can access and delete any or all of those recordings. The company also says it doesn’t share audio recordings with third-party developers, and prohibits those developers from collecting personal information. 

Amazon also adds that the kids edition disables the ability to purchase items online. 

Additionally, Amazon says parents can set time limits for use and pre-select which services kids can access.

A search on Amazon for the Echo Dot Kids Version only provides product details. To read all of the privacy information for the device, you need to go to the “Help” page, located at the bottom of the Amazon home screen, then click on “Device Support.”