TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Record heat is one thing, but when you add in the humidity it means the heat index could read 110 degrees.

It could be dangerous for not only people, but your pets too.

“We just go for small walks, I bring water with me everywhere,” said Marissa Cardarelli, pet owner.

Cardarelli’s dog’s name is Blue. Blue has had heat exhaustion in the past, so Cardarelli knows what to do to keep her dog safe from the record temperatures.

“Bring her to play, that it’s only may be just five or 10 minutes, make sure she gets lots of breaks and shade,” she said.

The pavement temperatures can be 40 degrees warmer than air temperatures.

“Their pads on their feet get burned very easily,” said Sherry Silk, CEO of the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. “One thing we suggest is putting the back of your hand on the cement or the concrete and if you can’t keep your hands still for seven seconds that means it’s too hot for the dogs.”

Silk said if you notice your pet with heavy panting, seizures, and lots of saliva, it’s time to cool them down with AC and water.

“Then get it to your veterinarian because often times it’s too far gone the vets have to start an IV and give it medicine to make sure it doesn’t die of heat stroke,” Silk said.

Silk also said never leave your pets in a parked car even with the AC on.

The average high temperature for the next three months in Tampa is 91 degrees. Silk said the major take away — use common sense when bringing your pet outside to keep them safe.