WEEKI WACHEE, Fla. (WFLA) — The Florida Department of Education asked parents from Winding Waters K-8 if their student could be interviewed for an investigation, according to a Hernando County Schools spokesperson.

Fifth-grade teacher Jenna Barbee is being investigated after showing students the Disney movie “Strange World” without first seeking approval from school leaders. That prompted school board member Shannon Rodriguez to report Barbee to the state as the movie features a gay teenager.

“As leaders it’s time to step up and require accountability. It is our job to start paying attention and stepping up to the plate and making sure these situations are not occurring in our schools,” Rodriguez said during a school board meeting.

It’s unknown what questions an FLDOE representative will ask students regarding Barbee showing the film, but some teachers think it’s unfair.

“We’re people they trust, we’re people they come to, so to have this attack on someone you see as an important figure, it’s almost like destroying that sanctuary of a classroom,” said Sumer Doulk, Hernando County Schools teacher.

Some teachers are concerned on how the investigation could impact their LGBTQ students.

“For them to be attacking this movie because it shows a gay character all we’re going to do is ostracize more kids,” said Heather Carter, a teacher in the Hernando County school district.

The district is currently conducting its own investigation into the matter and has told parents the movie will not be shown in the future.