TAMPA (WFLA) – Federal authorities on Wednesday arrested Audrey Ann Southard on charges related to her alleged participation in the Jan. 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol.

Southard is a music teacher from Spring Hill. Newly released documents from the Department of Justice, claim that agents found multiple photos from Southard on social media placing her at the capitol on Jan. 6.

It references Facebook and Twitter posts that included photos of her standing outside the Capitol.

“Standing in front of the Capitol ready to take it,” read one tweet. “As soon as we get enough people up here. To run the Capitol building. It’s going to be fun.”

Investigators also say video footage shows her allegedly pushing against an officer while holding a flagpole.

Investigators say Southward can be heard saying on video:

“Tell Pelosi we are coming for that b—-,” she says in one exchange quoted in the document. “You ready, you ready. … There’s a hundred thousand of us, what’s it going to be? … Last friend, last bullet. What’s it going to be?”

She was released on a $50,000 bond following her court appearance.

She faces nine charges including assault on a federal officer, obstruction of law enforcement during a civil disorder, obstruction of justice or congress, disorderly conduct in a restricted building or grounds, and engaging in a physical act of violence on capitol grounds.

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