HERNANDO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A missing Hernando County man was found with the help of a Bluetooth tracking device, the sheriff’s office said.

Deputies said an elderly man who suffers from dementia was reported missing in the Hernando Beach area just after 7:30 a.m. Monday.

The man’s wife said she attached a Bluetooth tracking device to her husband’s belt because he had been reported missing in the past.

The woman was able to use her cellphone to give deputies timely location information. Deputies said they were able to find the man just before 8 a.m.

“Whether it is a child with special needs or a senior who is forgetful, there are usually warning signs that a person is prone to wandering. Technology is one of the best tools family members can use to alert them when that individual has unexpectedly left the house. It also provides invaluable tools to increase the likelihood the person will be returned safely.  We strongly encourage families to research what technology is right for their situation,” Sheriff Al Nienhuis said.

Without the device, deputies said locating the missing man could have potentially taken much longer.