SPRING HILL, Fla. (WFLA) – A Spring Hill woman was charged with attempted second degree murder in a shooting after an argument during a card game on Sunday.

According to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a call at 10:51 p.m. regarding a shooting at a home on Nantucket Lane in Spring Hill.

A male victim called 911 to report he had just been shot by a female acquaintance, later identified as Maranda Luciano, 42. The man told the dispatcher he ran from the home after being shot.

He was located and taken by ambulance to a local trauma center. He sustained non-life threatening injuries and is expected to make a full recovery.

Deputies then responded to the victim’s home, but were unable to find anyone inside.

While canvassing the area, several witnesses said they heard gunshots, but no one at the scene witnessed the shooting. Witnesses reported seeing two vehicles leave the home.

Detectives were able to identify a man and a woman who were inside the home who corroborated details of the shooting.

They said they were all inside the home playing cards when the victim became upset and an argument ensued between the victim and Luciano.

The sheriff’s office said the victim went outside to calm down, while Luciano went to the bedroom to retrieve a loaded handgun.

Luciano then allegedly walked outside and shot the victim. She then walked back into the bedroom to reload the gun. When she returned outside, she was unable to find the victim.

The sheriff’s office said Luciano left the home and drove away in her own vehicle.

She was found by detectives on Monday at a family member’s home in Spring Hill.

Luciano was charged with attempted second-degree murder and taken to the Hernando County Detention Center where she is being held without bond.