TAMPA (WFLA) – Halloween is a fun night for kids, but there’s a way to find out which houses and neighborhoods to avoid.

Florida law requires sexual predators and sex offenders to register their address to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and while they’re encouraged to not decorate their home for Halloween, parents can stay informed by searching the FDLE website on where sex offenders and predators live.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement sex offender database allows parents to see a list of all registered sex offenders living within a five-mile radius.

The FDLE also has an app to help families track when sex offenders move into a neighborhood. Just search “FDLE” the Apple or Google Play store to download.

“I hope all parents will download the free app before going trick-or-treating. Our FDLE app has a number of tools and informational resources parents can use every day to help keep their families safe and to report suspicious activity,” FDLE Commissioner Rick Swearingen said in a news release.

Some additional ways to stay safe on Halloween:

  • Make sure children are not trick or treating alone and stay in groups
  • Examine all treats before eating
  • Stay on sidewalks and avoid roads
  • Tell children to never go into the home of a stranger and do not approach a house without any lights on.