Therapy and medications don’t always work for veterans suffering from PTSD, but man’s best friend seems to be making a difference.

“I was really recluse, I had gone through quite a bit of treatments, and medications, it wasn’t working I was in a slump.”, said Mike Tinker a retired Army and Marine Corp veteran.

Then Tinker was matched with Jessie from K9 Partners for Patriots.

“He is aware and conscious of my feelings. If I’m having anxiety, I can just reach and touch him, and it just takes my level down where I don’t have to be afraid,” said Tinker.

K9 Partners for Patriots is the brainchild of Mary Peter who owned a successful dog training academy for 30 years in Hernando County, but on day she realized her true calling would be to train dogs to pair with our veterans.

“We can all connect to something that loves us back unconditionally, and the dogs are great at using their noses.They can sense adrenaline so they can sense when a panic attack is starting, they can sense when there is severe anxiety or a flashback and they’ll wake their veterans up from nightmares,” said Peter.

The program is a huge success servicing veterans from across Tampa Bay, but operates thanks to community support.

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