TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Tara Iglinski was driving in traffic along the Howard Frankland Bridge like she does any other day.

She snapped the photo below as she passed by a crash, not thinking anything of it until she took a closer look.

“I saw the knife in his hand, and I said, ‘oh my God, he’s got a knife in his hand,'” she recalled. “He’s stabbing—stabbing that person.”

“That’s what’s happening,” she said. “It made me absolutely sick.”

It was a scary sight for drivers passing by, but a more terrifying experience for Ahmed Gahaf who came face to face with the man holding a knife in this photo.

Gahaf and his wife were driving down I-275 South when they noticed a driver slumped over in his car, stopped in the middle of traffic.

“I ran to his car, he explained. “I punched—I tried with my hands to break the glass.”

But the glass wouldn’t break, and as he was trying to find something to break the window, the man woke up.

“I see him,” Gahaf said. “He’s awake.”

“His hands are like this,” he continued, holding his hands close to his chest. “He’s shaking.”

“I told him open the doors,” Gahaf recalled. “I told people on the road to come help me.”

But no one did.

That’s when troopers say the driver then hit the gas, hitting not only Gahaf’s car, but another car passing by.

Troopers identified the man in that third car as Patrick Scruggs.

“That gentleman got out of the car and walked up to the man who struck his car with a pocket knife, smashed out the window and started stabbing him,” Florida Highway Patrol Sergeant Steve Gaskins explained.

Scruggs, a former Assistant US Attorney, now faces several felony charges including armed burglary, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault.

Gahaf said he and his wife ran up to Scruggs to help save the man he was stabbing.

That’s when Gahaf claims they too were met with a knife.

“I tried to stop him from doing it, but he’s back to me,” he explained. “He thinks I’m with him.”

“He came feet away from me, trying to stab me,” he said.

“I put this screw last night,” Gahaf said as he showed 8 On Your Side reporter Nicole Rogers his damaged car.

He said it was a scary experience, but one he’d do again to save a life.

“I lost my day. It’s no problem. Money will come,” he said. “Car is damaged? It’s okay; it’s not everything.”

“Life is everything for us,” he continued. “When you see someone, stop, call 911, do something.”