BRADENTON, Fla. (WFLA) — A new generation is picking up an old favorite. Stores are seeing an increase in digital camera sales despite the convenience of smartphones.

Michael Arbor is a longtime employee at Johnson Photo Imaging in Bradenton. He says the increase in individuals looking for digital cameras is “quite significant” and says it’s “hundreds probably over the course of the year.”

A study from ‘InfoTrends shows that 60% of Gen Z consumers own or use a digital camera and 40% purchase prints.

According to Arbor, it allows influencers to achieve a different aesthetic on social media.

“It doesn’t produce the same quality and as they keep upping their number of followers and everything else, they need to up their game to be noticed,” he said.

The photography enthusiast said digital cameras aren’t a fad that will be gone in a flash, they’re a staple that’s here to stay.

“The phone does a nice job for certain things, but there are things that it can’t do,” he added.

Arbor said film cameras likely won’t see the same resurgence as digital cameras because the film itself is expensive and in short supply.