TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Florida officials arrested four men this week, accusing them of using a device on gas pumps that allowed them to pump fuel for pennies on the dollar.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services made the arrests on Wednesday. Commissioner Nikki Fried said she takes these types of crimes seriously.

“Anytime that we’re seeing a theft like this, or actual fraud, we have zero tolerance,” Fried said. “And we’re going to come in and it’s a very clear symbol to anyone that may be thinking of doing something like this – we’re going to catch you. “

The alleged incidents happened at a Circle K gas station on State Road 54 in Lutz and a Circle K station on Memorial Boulevard in Lakeland. At the Lutz location, officers arrested Marlon Rosel-Rodriguez and Yordan Diaz Benitez of Tampa. At the Lakeland location, they arrested Yulier Garcia-Martinez and Rogelio Llarena of Orlando.

Ned Bowman, the president of the Florida Petroleum Marketers Association, said it’s a pretty sophisticated operation the suspects had.

“They go in and they change the pulsator. The pulsator is the device that is inside the gas pump that regulates the flow of the fuel,” Bowman explained. “So they’re able to change the price of the fuel down to a nickel or a penny to the gallon and fill the back of their trucks up – their bladders or spare tanks – with fuel that’s basically free.”

Bowman said the small, independent gas stations could really suffer as a result of this type of crime.

“Somebody pumps gas at 5 cents a gallon, or diesel fuel at 5 cents a gallon, and you’re paying $4.50 or $5 a gallon for it – it hits your bottom line pretty quick,” Bowman said.

Commissioner Fried is urging Floridians to watch out for each other and watch out for crime. If you see something that doesn’t look right at a pump or at a gas station, report it.

“If you are seeing something that is happening at the gas station – whether it is fraud, or you see a certain number on the street that lures you into the gas station, or you are seeing something happening at the pumps,” Fried said, “we have both an English and Spanish line for people to call.”

The number in English to call is 1-800-HELP-FLA. The number in Spanish to call is 1-800-FL-AYUDA.