TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Gas prices across Tampa Bay are lower than the rest of the country, as the post-Christmas travel rush leveled out before the New Year and demand decreased slightly.

While the price of Brent crude oil and other fuels rose, according to CNBC’s energy commodities tracker, prices at the pump hovered on the lower end of recent prices.

Florida’s average gas prices are below the national level by a good $0.06 across the state, with some exceptions, according to AAA’s daily gas price tracker.

Tampa Bay, compared to areas like Miami, is on the lower end of the gas price scale. Tampa Bay counties are ranging from as low as $3.18 to a high of $3.25.

The lowest gas prices in Tampa Bay are in Highlands and Hillsborough counties, where gas is averaging $3.18 per gallon.

On the flip side, Sarasota and Citrus counties are on the higher side, with Sarasota County pricing out at $3.25 per gallon, and Citrus County at $3.23.

Pinellas County isn’t far behind, measured at $3.22. Want to see how high gas is in your county? Check the Tampa Bay prices below.

LocationPrice per Gallon
Hillsborough County$3.18
Highlands County$3.18
Hernando County$3.19
Polk County$3.19
Manatee County$3.21
Pasco County$3.22
Pinellas County$3.22
Hardee County$3.22
Citrus County$3.23
Sarasota County$3.25
State of Florida$3.22
United States$3.28
(Source: Gas Prices AAA)

A spokesperson for AAA said the prices at the pump are drifting lower amid some uncertainty, but recent data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration showed the stock of domestic gasoline increased as demand for gas dropped.

“We should learn more in the coming days about the extent of the damage to the refinery,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson. “If it can be back up and running in a few weeks, the effect could be minimal. But if repairs take months, consumers could begin seeing higher prices again at the pump.”

Overall, Florida drivers and visitors are faring better than other parts of the country when it comes to filling up their cars. The U.S. average is $3.28 per gallon, and Miami-Dade County is a whopping $3.42 per gallon, according to the AAA gas tracker.