ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — A man in St. Petersburg is under arrest after threatening to kill a public servant. He now faces multiple charges. In an affidavit from St. Petersburg police, he is described as a member of a gang.

Alonzo Supreme Dale, 23 of St. Petersburg, was arrested after threatening to kill a public servant to “influence the performance of any act or omission” in the the requirements of their job. Police say a Pinellas County inmate recorded a conversation with Dale on Dec. 18, regarding multiple arrests of gang members.

During the call, Dale and the inmate talked about their own current cases as well, and Dale reportedly threatened to put a public servant “in the ground.”

The affidavit describes the term as slang for burying someone after their death, or used to describe threatening to murder someone, according to the training and experience of the affiant, a police officer from St. Petersburg.

According to the affidavit, “Alonzo Dale made the above statement as an intentional threat to…attempt to intimidate and negatively influence the performance” of an active law enforcement investigation into a gang.

Dale was charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle, a violation of his felony probation, as part of his threats against a public servant. He was additionally charged with making threats to kill or do bodily injury over an electronic record, in this case a phone call.

Another charge listed said Dale threatened to shoot or “throw a deadly missile” to carry out the threat on the public servant he was targeting, also a violation of his felony probation. He was also in possession of a firearm. As a felon, this is also a crime, in addition to violation of probation.

As a result Dale was arrested on Dec. 23 for five separate charges. He was denied bond.