He’s accused of giving himself a big, fat pay raise by altering his company’s payroll system.

Jim Melis worked for Directions for Living, a contractor for the state of Florida involved with child welfare cases.

Melis denies everything spelled out in his arrest affidavit. He worked at Directions for Living last year, starting in March.

Two months later, he was fired.

Directions For Living is in the news. It’s the private contractor under fire in the Jordan Belliveau case.

Clearwater police believe its former Director of Finance, Jim Melis, helped himself to a raise from $36 per hour to $66, reaping the profits through his paycheck.

“That’s completely not true” said Melis. 

“Total fabrication. Very few people have access to the payroll system and I definitely didn’t,” he insisted.

Melis said his troubles started when $80 turned up missing and his bosses wanted him to accuse a co-worker.

He wouldn’t do it and got fired.

Around the same time, police believe Melis deposited a company check that was supposed to be voided.

“This again is complete lie,” said Melis.

Not only does Melis deny any wrong-doing, he tells News Channel 8 he received accolades from his bosses.

“All the different directors there will tell you that I was honest with everything, straight through,” he said.

He’s emphatic he did nothing wrong and wasn’t even working at Directions for Living when the payments were made.

“Only one person can do payroll. Only HR can change the payroll. I mean, there’s not many people who can go in and out. I don’t even know the system that it’s on,” said Melis.

So, what about the extra money in his account?  

Melis explains he got a bonus and a raise at his job.

He claims his bosses review every payroll, so he doesn’t understand why he is being blamed.