TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Homebuying in America has grown expensive over the past year. The national average income to afford a home has gone up 46%, according to a Redfin real estate study. In Florida, it’s gone up as high as 74%, as of October.

The biggest increase for a Florida market, as far as how much income you need to be able to buy a home, was in North Port. The income required rose 73.9% from what was needed in 2021, meaning that residents have to make at least $131,535 to buy a home. The year before, it was $75,659.

Tampa prices income requirements rose 62.4%. In 2021, homebuyers needed to make $62,615. Now, the same residents would need to make $101,682.

The lowest increase of the Florida areas examined by Redfin was in Orlando, where the income requirement rose 56.4%, but the income itself was already higher than the Tampa area. Orlando residents need to make $104,943 in 2022 to afford buying a home, while in 2021, they only needed to make $67,088 per year.

Nationally, prospective homebuyers’ income needs increased 45.6%, to a national average income need of $107,281. In 2021, the average in the U.S. was $73,668.

The Florida areas in the study made up eight of the top 15 increases in the nation.

LocationAnnual income required to afford median-price home, October 2022Annual income required to afford median-price home, October 2021Year-over-year change in income required to afford median-priced home
North Port, Fla.$131,535$75,65973.9%
Miami, Fla.$128,892$78,75563.7%
El Paso, Texas$64,580$39,47563.6%
Tampa, Fla.$101,682$62,61562.4%
Cape Coral, Fla.$104,943$65,33860.6%
Omaha, Neb.$75,344$47,25359.4%
West Palm Beach, Fla.$115,707$72,92258.7%
Charleston, S.C.$112,451$70,97758.4%
Albuquerque, N.M.$86,107$54,44858.1%
Knoxville, Tenn.$87,453$55,42057.8%
Fort Worth, Texas$97,409$61,83857.5%
Jacksonville, Fla.$97,651$62,12357.2%
Fort Lauderdale, Fla.$105,751$67,57456.5%
Orlando, Fla.$104,943$67,08856.4%
Rochester, N.Y.$56,508$36,16956.2%
(Source: Redfin)