Medical marijuana has been taking off in the state of Florida, but testing standards for growers’ products are still unclear. 

Cultivators must use an independent laboratory, but the levels and frequency of testing have not yet been finalized.

Roger Brown is the CEO of ACS Laboratory, a clinical lab in Hillsborough County. He says ACS is the largest cannabis testing facility in the Southeast.

Because it’s a clinical lab, it does more stringent testing than most labs.

Part of the lab’s job is making sure growers and consumers know what’s in their marijuana, and what isn’t.

“We test for potency, pesticides, mold, mildew, microtoxins, heavy metals, flavinoids, micronutrients, turpenes, all the different components,” said Brown.

The state is due to finalize testing standards in 2019, so as of right now, consumers don’t always know what they’re getting. 

Brown wants to make the process more transparent, so once the standards are finalized, his customers (and their customers) can see the raw data.

“Scanning this QR code [on a Certificate of Analysis] here would allow a consumer to pull the report up online and you could show the full report, all the details, all the information, so you know exactly what is in that product,” said Brown.