TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Love is in the air… and pretty soon, it’s going to be all over your car, too.

It’s the dreaded “lovebug” season here in the state of Florida.

Lovebugs are actually a species of the “march” fly. They come around twice a year, first between April and May and then again in August and September.

The insects are attracted to decomposing plants and the odor of exhaust fumes. These bugs love heat, so you’ll definitely find them along highways.

While the critters don’t bite or harm humans, WFLA.com has some helpful tips to keep the bug guts from ruining your vehicle’s paint, as well as your home.

If you’re looking to get rid of the pesky bugs, FarmersAlmanac.com has some information:

Inside the home – The Almanac says if you are seeing lovebugs inside your home, try using ceiling fans. Fans running on high can keep the bugs from finding a comfortable place to land.

Keep your lawn mowed – The Almanac says bug larvae grows in thatch. Mowing your lawn will reduce the breeding ground for these bugs.

Keep your car clean – Lathering baby oil or cooking spray could be helpful, but you must make sure your car’s paint is resistant to such materials. Cars should be washed frequently throughout the season. It’s recommended to wax your car right before the season begins.

A wet dryer sheet will also work well to wipe off lovebugs that stick to your car.

Florida Today reminds Floridians not to wait to wash off lovebug debris. Remains can erode paint.

Lovebug Spray – The Farmer’s Almanac outlined a spray recipe for keeping the lovebugs at bay. It says to combined one cup of water, three tablespoons of citrus dish soap and three tablespoons of mouthwash in a spray bottle. Spray on plants and walls where the bugs are.

Website Home Quicks explains lovebugs are attracted to light colors, but do not like citrus smells. The site says a warm water and baby shampoo solution is another option for cleaning dead lovebugs from a vehicle.

If you’re being swarmed by them during the season, Home Quicks advises to wear dark-colored clothing. If you’re hosting a party outdoors, it’s best to hold your event after sundown, as the bugs are only active during the day.

Wiper fluid formulated for lovebug problems is also recommended – as it doesn’t allow the insects to stick to a car’s windshield.

Do you have a tried-and-true method in your home to get rid of lovebugs or clean them off your car? Let us know at online@wfla.com!