PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Anna Paulina Luna is the winner for Florida’s 13th Congressional District after her competitor, Eric Lynn conceded.

Lynn said he called and conceded to Luna after she gained an almost 10-point lead about an hour and a half after polls closed on Tuesday night. While he said it’s not the result he had hoped for, he told his supporters to keep their heads up and be proud of their vision.

“This fight is not over,” said Lynn. “We must hold our new representative in Washington accountable for the things that she has said. Hold Anna Luna accountable for what she said she would do stand up for veterans, protect Social Security and lower the cost for this community.”

Lynn’s message: “Never give up on rejecting extremism here in Pinellas County.”

St. Petersburg Mayor Ken Welch supported Lynn throughout his campaign for a seat in congress.

“I’m glad he said that he is going to reengage and run again,” said Welch.

 Lynn said the fight is not over.

“While this campaign ends tonight, I want you to know my commitment to service and this community does not,” said Lynn.

We asked Lynn what’s next — he said raising his family in Pinellas County while running his business. He thanked the voters, his staff and supporters.