TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Mayor Jane Castor and other emergency management and law enforcement officials held a morning news conference on Hurricane Ian’s path and how it could impact Tampa. The mayor and Tampa Fire Rescue Chief Barbara Tripp said they were ready to protect property of residents.

Tampa Police Chief Mary O’Connor said police would not stop residents from returning when the storm was over.

“In order for residents to get back into their neighborhoods and communities post-evacuation, we are asking that they have their hurricane hang tag available,” O’Connor said. “A lot of residents are unsure of what the hurricane hang tag is. For future storms, or future events, we do provide – the City of Tampa Emergency Management does provide – a hang tag that shows you belong in the neighborhood you’re trying to get back into.”

Chief O’Connor said not to panic if you don’t have the tag. As long as you have proof of address via ID card or similar documentation to “prove you belong in that neighborhood,” TPD is prepared to let you back in after the evacuation order ends.

Castor told residents and those gathered that the city has continued to improve its response to severe storms and that officials were in communication with utility companies to aid in evacuation needs and ensure services are operational upon residents’ return, even with potential storm surge. She said she spoke with Tampa Electric Company’s leadership about generators and storm surges in city evacuation zones. Castor said she was more concerned about downed power lines after the storm, “when they’re more dangerous.”

WFLA.com has reached out to city officials for more information about reentry for when the storm is over.