TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Hundreds of crime survivors and victims’ families spent Tuesday in Tallahassee. Dozens from the Tampa Bay area made the trip to the state capitol for the Survivors Speak Florida rally.

Jacquline Saddler-Daniels said her son Dwayne Saddler was shot and killed at a block party in Tampa.

“It affects us everyday, every second, every moment there’s never a moment that we’re not thinking about him, or his siblings aren’t thinking about him, or his family or his father are not thinking about my son,” she said.

Saddler-Daniels is among the group calling on state lawmakers to support bi-partisan bills aimed at ending crime and violence.

  • HB 233/ SB 490: Survivors support providing basic info to families of homicide victims
  • HB 593/ SB 376: Survivors support sealing records of arrests that don’t lead to convictions
  • HB 1263/ SB 1478: Survivors support improving Florida’s probation system

“I do think it’s very powerful because we come from all walks of life and even some of the lawmakers are in our shoes, so it’s not a fraternity that we want to get anyone in, but it’s fraternity that needs to be heard and we want to be heard,” Elliot Saunders with Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice said.