Video courtesy of Mary Hendrick and Storyful.

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A sandhill crane let an alligator know it does not scare easily during a tense standoff that was caught on camera in Lithia recently.

Like a scene out of a nature documentary, the crane can be seen puffing up its neck and body and spreading its wings while it stares down the gator at the edge of the pond. The gator hissed loudly at the crane, but was quickly put back into its place.

Mary Hendrick, who recorded the encounter, told McClatchy News the alligator had tried leaving the pond near the crane’s offspring, which set the bird off. She called their encounter “spicy.”

“I thought it was really fascinating to be able to watch nature play out. I knew the gator was nowhere near close enough to capture the crane. It was just posturing on both sides,” Hendrick said.