INVERNESS, Fla. (WFLA) — An employee at the Inverness Winn-Dixie has been arrested on a retail theft charge after allegedly stealing 85 scratch-off tickets, according to a deputy report.

According to Citrus County arrest records, a deputy was called to the store by the store’s asset protection associate, who was investigating the clerk since May 24, 2021. On that day, the associate said he saw McCall stealing the tickets twice that day, scanning them and taking the winning ones while throwing out the losing ones.

The deputy’s report said in total, McCall stole $1,409’s worth of tickets. She was placed under arrest last Wednesday for felony retail theft.

After being read her rights, the suspect told the deputy she did steal the tickets but didn’t know how many since it was a high amount. The report also said that McCall admitted to stealing tickets each day she worked at the liquor store for seven days.

According to the Florida Department of Corrections, McCall served 2 years and six months in prison for trafficking in stolen property, providing false information to a pawnbroker, and grand theft in 2010.