CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A pilot died after his single occupant plane crashed in Citrus County Wednesday morning.

The Citrus County Sheriff’s office responded to the crash just before 8 a.m. south of the Inverness Airport in Inverness.

Bob King was having a morning coffee behind his home when he saw a familiar sight, a single engine plane flying extremely low.

“He went that way and about 15 – 20 seconds after he went out of my sight, I heard tree limbs, it sounded like large trees breaking and I heard the impact,” said King who lives near the airport in Inverness.

Crews arrived very shortly after the crash, but discovered the pilot did not survive. King believes he’s seen this same plane flying dangerously low before.

“The height, he comes through so low he almost blew the leaves out of the trees pretty much and he does about a 90 degree turn in my little eight acres right here. I don’t think that’s very safe,” said King.

His wife has been so concerned about the low flying aircraft before she’s taken cell phone video of the plane as it appears to barely clear the trees in her yard.

“I was just trying to capture a video showing they are flying directly over the houses and quite low,” said Ann King.

She feels very bad for the pilot but has been concerned about the safety of her family.

“We definitely have heavy hearts today, especially because we just posted about it last weekend,” said Ann King.

The National Transportation Safety Board will now investigate the crash and may be able to verify if the plane the King’s have seen flying before is the one involved in Wednesday morning’s crash.