CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A man who was recently released from prison was arrested Friday in Citrus County after deputies said he tried to break into a home and took a person hostage.

According to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office, Daniel Arthur Redman, 29, who was released from prison five days earlier, was attempting to break into a home in Inverness before witnesses said he fled on foot.

When deputies arrived at the scene they found a victim with apparent gunshot wounds lying on the driveway. Shortly after, the victim was air-lifted to Marion County for medical treatment but was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Minutes after a K-9 unit began their search, Redman was tracked to a motor home roughly a quarter of a mile away. When deputies confronted Redman they said he was holding another victim with obvious injuries as a hostage.

Deputies ordered Redman to release the hostage, which he eventually did.

Once the hostage was safe, deputies said they ordered Redman to show his hands but he allegedly refused to comply and reached behind his back towards his waistband.

Fearing for the safety of others, Redman was shot one time, deputies said. Redman was transported to the hospital for medical treatment.

“In what has proven to be a terrifying night for our community, the immediate actions of our deputies saved other victims from further terror caused by this convicted felon,” stated Sheriff Prendergast. “Thanks to our deputies’ quick thinking and superior performance, they were able to protect our community from further harm.”

Redman previously faced time for aggravated assault on a person 65 or older in 2019.

Multiple charges are pending in this case, which is still under investigation. Additional details are expected.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is conducting an independent investigation into the incident which is common practice. The deputy involved has been placed on administrative leave which is standard procedure.

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