CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – Like so many in the Castle Lake neighborhood just north of Floral City in Citrus County, Chuck Baier doesn’t know who else to call, or what else he can do.

Despite the recent lack of rainfall, the neighborhood is still under water. Max Defender 8 meteorologist Amanda Holly says at the monitoring station in Inverness, 2.96 inches of rain were reported in October and 2.63 inches were reported in November.

Normal rainfall for those months are 2.92 inches and 1.83 inches respectively. Holly did say the county did see record rainfall amounts over the summer.

Baier says he’s called the county constantly as well as officials with the state.

“I sent letters out to Rick Scott, Daniel Webster (state representative) and not a word back from anybody,” said Baier. “So nobody at the state level is interested.”

Chuck Baier says he’s called and emailed every county and state representative he can think of.

Veronica Kampschroer is the Citrus County Public Information Officer. She says the county is doing all it can for the flooded residents, but there are limits.

“We are limited by staffing constraints, budgetary constraints. There is no Florida emergency declaration currently, and because of that, we are limited in the agencies we can ask for assistance, whether that is financial, mechanical, staff, anything like that,” said Kampschroer. “We do ask the residents to be patient, and I understand it is a terrible situation for everyone.”

The county has tanker trucks working to remove the flood water, but it is a slow process, and last week the trucks were needed elsewhere for several days.

Harvey Logan returned to his home for the first time in months on Thursday. The 91-year old Navy Veteran has been living with relatives until he could get back into his house.

“Everything I’ve worked for all of my life is sitting right here,” said Logan. “And it’s all going down the drain.”