CITRUS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — An EF-2 tornado that touched down for 6 miles in Crystal River left a path of destruction in a community that is still recovering from Hurricane Idalia’s flooding.

According to the National Weather Service, the estimated peak wind of the tornado was 125 mph.

“It felt like a dream,” Yuly Snell said.

She woke up to the sounds of the tornado tearing through Crystal River in the middle of the night.

“I knew we had a tornado warning, but at the same time, you never expect it would be here,” she said.

By morning, she realized her home was in the path of the tornado confirmed on Thursday by the National Weather Service.

“All this right here was covered with bushes, like leaves, it was full, it was a full tree so to see it empty is wow,” Snell said.

Snell said her family spent the day fixing the fence and picking up debris. Her boys’ trampoline was lifted out of the backyard and is now mangled amongst tree branches.

Brittany Halstead’s husband is one of the many linemen working to restore power after the tornado.

“Up there working his butt off,” she said. “He’s been very busy this past month and a half. Gone a lot.”

Displaced since Hurricane Idalia in late August, Halstead said the tornado is delaying the repairs to the flood damage inside her family’s home.

“We were supposed to pretty much have the basics, floors and walls, completed today,” Halstead said. “Obviously, that’s not getting done.”

The storm surge from Idalia also pushed several inches of water into Snell’s home.

Despite the damage from both the hurricane and tornado, Snell said she is still counting her blessings.

“Nobody lost their lives,” she said. “We’re still here. We’re still standing and we’re pushing on.”