INDIAN SHORES, Fla. (WFLA) — The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is considering using a new non-lethal tool to help them de-escalate dangerous situations.

The tool, BolaWrap, is in the testing phase at the Indian Shores Police Department.

“You get to the scene where someone appears to be experiencing delirium, where they appear to have a mental health crisis—this is where I think the BolaWrap would come into play. Officers can take a subject into custody and have them evaluated,” said Indian Shores Police Lieutenant Jeff Phillips.

The device is designed to gain compliance from a subject without inflicting pain.

Phillips said it has a couple of anchors at the end and will repel out approximately eight feet of Kevlar cord.

“When it hits an object, in the case of the BolaWrap, around the legs or around the arms, the anchors will then wrap around the person and temporarily restrain their movement,” Phillips explained.

He said there are a number of factors officers must consider prior to deploying the BolaWrap.

“You don’t want to deploy it on an obviously elderly person, someone who is pregnant, people on elevated positions because there’s a fall hazard, in the water — there’s a lot of considerations,” he said.

According to Phillips, the price per unit is $950 and each cartridge costs $30.

Phillips said the agency is in the test phase. No officers have deployed the device.

“It has a purpose, it has a place we’re waiting to see how well it works,” he said.