TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Clearwater police issued a warning for drivers Wednesday after another car became stranded off the Courtney Campbell Causeway during high tide.

The red Lexus sedan was illegally parked off the highway, and when the waves rolled in, it got stuck in the sand and was submerged in water about two feet deep.

“This is what happens when you drive in an area off the Courtney Campbell where you shouldn’t be driving. It’s the second such incident in the last few weeks at that location,” police said on Twitter Wednesday morning.

Another driver did the same thing in June after ignoring a “DO NOT ENTER” sign and parking their car in a habitat restoration area before high tide rolled in.

“Be very careful of where you park when you go for a walk at sunrise and the tide comes rolling in along the Courtney Campbell Causeway,” police said at the time. “The sign and barriers are there for a reason.”