BRADENTON, Fla. (WFLA) – A Bradenton homeowner says an Amazon deliveryman used a code to get into his home without permission.

The homeowner said after the deliveryman entered his home, he placed a package inside the front door.

“He is typing the code in,” says the homeowner, Brendan McDowell, as he shows WFLA News Channel 8 the surveillance video of the incident. “The code works, unlocks, opens the doors, puts the package down, closes the door.”

It is not what McDowell had envisioned when he placed an order with Amazon.

“Someone literally went into my house and put a package there, so it was just creepy,” says McDowell. “I was trying to figure out why, how, what the explanation was.”

The package arrived on Friday evening. The house was empty. McDowell and his girlfriend were having dinner at a restaurant.

“I got a phone call from ADT saying that my alarm is going off. Someone breached the front door so I am freaking out,” says McDowell.

Amazon can enter your home if you request the Amazon Key in-home delivery service. It is done with special technology. The delivery drivers are not given any codes. McDowell says he did not ask for any of it.

“I called Amazon. They spoke to me,” says McDowell. “We tried to figure out how they got the code and apparently the code was an old code.”

The code was connected to McDowell’s Amazon account because it had been required for deliveries in the past. It opened the gate to a private community where he lived before he moved to the River Point neighborhood in Bradenton. McDowell used the same code to unlock his new house but he has changed it.

“I took whatever codes were in there that they thought had caused this and I also changed the code in the lock so if it happens again I would be very surprised,” says McDowell.

McDowell said the deliveryman also left the door unlocked.

Amazon sent a statement to News Channel 8 about the incident. The statement said,  “We are addressing this with the delivery service provider directly and will continue to work with the customer on matters related to his package delivery.”

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