TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A large, outdoor surf and adventure park is soon headed to the Tampa Bay area.

Peak Surf Park will span 30 acres and will be built in either Hillsborough or Pinellas County. It will cost between $60 to $70 million to build, depending on factors such as land cost.

Founder Tony Miller said he hopes to lock in on a location in the coming months.

The park will feature not only surfing, but biking, skating and climbing. It will also feature a half-mile long beach, as well as restaurants and bars to host concerts and events.

Peak Surf Park is working with Surf Lakes in Australia. According to their website, the technology in the pool delivers five different levels of waves that break at the same time, for beginner to pro surfers.

The park will also be sustainable, according to Miller, and his team will be working with a sustainability architect, as well as an accreditation organization that evaluates snow, surf and other adventure parks to make sure parks add to the environment they are located in.

Miller said the park will be “very affordable” for guests to enter and spend the day at the park’s beaches, restaurants and more. The cost of surfing will be hourly and competitive with similar wave parks.

Though renderings look luxurious, Miller said he wants Peak Surf Park to be accessible for families and the entire community. The park will offer programming specifically for underserved markets, including “a holistic program of surfing, action sports, conservation education and internships for low income groups, at risk youth, people with disabilities, veterans and first responders suffering from PSTD [and more.]”

Those interested in the progress and new developments with Peak Surf Park can sign up for updates on the website.