MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A man was killed in Bradenton Beach Wednesday evening after being electrocuted while walking through standing water at his home, police said.

This is the first fatality connected to Tropical Strom Eta in the greater Tampa Bay area.

The incident occurred at a home off Bay Drive and 2nd Street around 5:40 p.m.

Bradenton Beach Police Detective Sgt. Lenard Diaz said the victim was walking through standing water in a storage area when he was electrocuted by an appliance that was still running.

“It was an accident,” Diaz said. “I’m sure he didn’t realize the appliance was plugged in or the appliance was underwater and that’s what happens it’s a scary situation.”

Diaz said a friend tried to help the man, but he could not get to him without risking his own electrocution.

It took Florida Power & Light roughly 30 minutes to shut off the power to the neighborhood so first responders could get to the victim.

The individual was confirmed dead by Manatee County EMS. The medical examiner will continue the investigation.

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