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Burglary victim frustrated that stolen items have not been returned

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) - How would you handle the following scenario? You catch a stranger on camera stealing your possessions from your home. The person is arrested less than three days later but you are still without your belongings.

If you thought a quick arrest would lead to a quick return of those stolen items, you might want to revisit that idea. 

Nearly three weeks ago, Ross Glass watched as an intruder slipped into his home. He stole a TV, a computer, a drone, and a gun along with other smaller items. 

“After you see the video,” says Glass, “it is infuriating that somebody can violate your personal space like that.”

Glass and his three sons actually spotted the thief, Eric Rodriguez-Sanchez, at a grocery store the next day. 8 On Your Side shot exclusive video of Rodriguez-Sanchez being questioned in the parking lot. He was arrested about 24 hours later. 

“Considering that he got identified the day after he robbed my home, I felt like there was a very good chance of me recovering my items and that has not been the case,” says Glass. “I still feel like a victim, like a victim, that someone has stolen my things and, even though that person was apprehended, nothing has happened.”

Janelle McGregor with the Tampa Police Department understands the frustration. She says a warrant is issued in these cases in an attempt to recover stolen items but it can be tricky. 

“It is rare that suspects will hold onto stolen property for a very long time,” McGregor tells us. “Often times, they try to sell it to someone else on the street or they do try to pawn it.”

She encourages you to save your serial numbers and to share them with the detectives on the case.  

McGregor says, “If you have that serial number, we are able to work with pawn shops to identify that stolen property.”

It is a safety measure Glass says he completed before his belongings were stolen. 

“It is not fair. It is like the good guys lose,” says Glass.

He knows he will eventually be able replace the items that were taken from him but, now, he fears for his safety and for the safety of other unsuspecting people. Rodriguez-Sanchez has already bonded out of jail.

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