TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A local DJ is bringing awareness to a little-known disease through bowling.

DJ HeadBussa’s charity event, cleverly named “Strike Out Ataxia,” was held on Sunday at Pin Chasers in Tampa.

The event aims to raise awareness for Ataxia, a neurological disease that affects the memory system, speech, eye movement and swallowing.

The DJ teamed up with The National Ataxia Foundation to host the event and they invited local celebrities, victims and family members of those affected to show up for a fun day of bowling.

“Ataxia, really hits close to home for me. In 1998, my mother was diagnosed with Spinal Cerebral Ataxia. The disease is not curable, not to mention my uncle and grandmother died of the same disease. I along with my brother and our children are possibly at risk, due to the disease being hereditary. The sole propose of this event is to build awareness and prepare individuals that are at risk for this devastating disease. It hits victims randomly and as early as childbirth. I’m here to shed some light and hope to all the individuals with this disease,” the DJ said in a statement.STORIES THAT OTHERS ARE CLICKING ON-